This is the Ancestry com subgroup of the Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project. The project is for any male with a surname among those derived from Old English 'fyrhpe,' including Firk, Firks, Firth, Freak, Freake, Freed, Freek, Freeth, Freke, Fridd, Frift, Fright, Frith, Fryd, Thrift, Evilthrift, & Vreede. -It is NOT restricted solely to Thrift, Frith and Firth.

To understand the reason for this odd collection of surnames, see the entry for Firth in A Dictionary of English Surnames, by Reaney & Wilson. The Thrift & Evilthrift One-Name Study discusses origins of the names included in this DNA project.

Any male with any of these surnames is encouraged to join. There are two (new) requirements: As of January 2011, to be a member you must submit DNA test results from any of the major testing companies (or sponsor a test for someone else), AND you must provide the administrator with your family tree and your Email address. The reason for this is that in the absence of family tree information, DNA test results are almost useless. This does not mean your family tree needs to be posted on the internet, it just means I, as administrator, need to be aware of it in order to help everyone know where they fit.

For membership in the subgroup at Ancestry com, a FREE "Registered Guest" account suffices. NO SUBSCRIPTION IS NECESSARY.
Of course access to the main Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project website is free.

The goals for this project include:
**Assist in interpreting DNA test results
* Unequivocally determine which families can be traced to a common ancestor.
* Confirm the validity of existing paper trails that show common ancestry.
* Discover information that might resolve known issues or brick walls.
* Encourage related families to
    1) share resources related to tracing ancestors,
    2) establish as common knowledge what has already been reliably researched, and then
    3) focus attention on remaining critical areas.
* Determine for each surname how many unique lines exist, and gather clues as to where each line originated.

Currently there are few DNA test results for these surnames in the Ancestry com database; more results can be seen at the main Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project website.

For more information (including background information on DNA testing) please see the DNA PROJECT BACKGROUND PAGE Join the project here if you have an Ancestry com DNA entry, otherwise you are encouraged to join at the main website.

NOTE - It is strongly recommended that DNA tests be purchased from FTDNA rather than from Ancestry com. There are several reasons; the overriding one is that the 67 markers available at FTDNA are FAR more informative than the 46 markers (maximum) tested by Ancestry com. DNA testing by Ancestry com is NOT necessary; FTDNA test results CAN be entered into the Ancestry com database. The vast majority of DNA project administrators agree that a 67-marker test can be crucial. Please contact me for more info, or for help.

Please contact me if you have any questions; I'd be glad to help.
Richard Thrift (rtx at cox dot net --please include DNA Project in the subject line)
Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project administrator