message to South Carolina Pruitts!

Mary and I are new to the Pruitt discussion and very pleased to find you. Mary and I are husband and wife and my name is Herbert "MAX" Bradey and I am the PRUITT one! I am an adoptee and was the subject of the fairly famous legal precedent court case in South Carolina many years ago. I sued the S. C. children's bureau for my files and won in the lower courts but was overturned in S. C. supreme court. A google search of my name will reveal the full details which you will find interesting. Eventually I found my mother and a large Pruitt maternal family centered around Edward Bruce Pruitt, grandfather and great Grandfather Willis Crayton Pruitt of Anderson, S. C.. My mother was Ruth Francis Pruitt and she was a twin who still lives in Tennessee. I have full genealogy of my Pruitt maternal family. NO information at all about my father other than he was in the Navy in Charleston in 1946. So I turn to DNA research to find my real surname and, knowing my father was married, from another state with children, I hope one day to find the half brothers/sisters out there some place with the surname I do not know........ max