20 % Discount Coupon now available for Ancestry DNA Test

I received an email from Bill Pruiett telling me about a 20% Ancestry coupon that can be used if you order the 46 Marker DNA test. Bill said the code to enter is "DNA". The site for the coupon is : http://www.couponchi­ef.com/ancestry

I really look forward to seeing Bill's DNA because for years many people thought Thomas of 1616 had three sons: William(b 1651 Caroline), Henry(b 1654 Henrico), and John(b ca 1660 York). We now know William and Henry were not brothers according to DNA. Bill's family goes back to Samuel of MD(John's son?) and it will be interesting to see how Bill's family relates to what we have found.

Bill has the wonderful website on his family line at: http://pruiett-parke­r.com/