Madison Co, AL Pruitts/Pruetts

Jan and Mary - I was excited to see that you have Madison Co, AL ancestors. I was just working on that bunch for someone else. Mary, has James done a DNA test???

I suspect that you are descended from William, who was probably born c 1730 (postings have him born in 1714 which is ridiculous) left a will in Madison in 1817 -

"I William Prewit of Madison County in the Mississippi Territory being well stricken in years, but of sound mind and memory blessed be God have things let proper to set my house in order, and do hereby to my son Martin Prewit one dollar. I give and bequeth to my son Isaac Prewit one dollar, I give and bequeth to my son Fuller Prewit one dollar. I give and bequeth to my son Isaac Prewit one dollar to be equally divided among them. I give and bequeth to my son William Prewit (deceased) on dollar to be divided among them equally. I give and bequeath to my daughter Viney Jones one dollar. I give and bequeth to my daughter Rebecca Sinclair one dollar. I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Prewit and my daughter Mary Grayson all the rest and residue of effects whatever to be equally divided between them. I hereby an constitiute and appoint my son Jacob Prewit sole executor of the my last will and testament. In testimony of all which I have hereunot set my hand and this twenty eight day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve. [1812]
Signed in the present (mark) in the presents of I W Walker, William Hellmes, Jacob Boring, William Prewit. Proven in open court by the oths of I W Walker & Wm Prewit October term 1817 and ordered to be recorded. W. H. Winston ROC"

It's posted that Fuller had sons Martin and Thomas. Fuller died in probably Warren Co, TN after 1830. There are no reliable dates on Martin and Thomas. Fuller was born 1760-1770 according to the 1830 TN census. If 1760 then he could have had a son old enough to father your Thomas. Fuller doesn't appear in any other census so it's likely that he was in AL prior to 1830.

Madison Co, AL wasn't formed until 1808. If your Thomas was born there in 1804 then perhaps they were intruders on Cherokee land. These folks seem to have been the adventurous type - they were early TN settlers after the Revolution.

Here's what I wrote to the man that I was researching for. If you do any rootsweb checking of William and Mary Martin Pruitt (soundex spelling) you will see some of the things that I was discussing. The marriage to Mary Martin was listed as Caroline Co, VA. I seriously doubt that William was ever in Caroline Co.

Re your William Martin Pruet - I don't think that there's anything that indicates that he had a middle name. Middle names were not in use until late in the 18th century. This is a line that I doubt is from Thomas 1616. It's highly unlikely that a man born in 1714 was out in the wilds of the Mississippi Territory in 1812 when William wrote his will. This William was obviously younger probably born c 1730. Even at that, he's no spring chicken!

As your notes say, William was appointed constable on the Holston River in 1770. According to The Prewitt-McDonald Genealogy and Allied Families, there are Augusta Co, VA church records that contain the names William and Martin Pruitt in 1773. (The whole area was Augusta prior to 1769.) Martin states in his pension application that he enlisted from Washington Co, VA in 1778. http://www.southernc­­5.pdf There are a couple of others who enlisted from Washington or Henry Co, VA - they may be close relatives.

Although the Daniel Boone story is a good one, I've got a feeling that Solomon wasn't quite accurate. There's no evidence that William Pruet's family was in NC at this time. Going from Rowan Co, NC back north into western VA would have been against the migratory pattern. Boone's 1767 trip was from the Yadkin Valley into eastern KY and he stayed for the winter. It was in 1769 that he again left from the Yadkin Valley with Findley and they were gone 2 years.

But, from Wikipedia - "A Longhunter (or long hunter) was an eighteenth-century explorer and hunter who made expeditions into the American frontier wilderness for as much as six months at a time. The historian Emory Hamilton asserts that "The Long Hunter was peculiar to Southwest Virginia only, and nowhere else on any frontier did such hunts ever originate"[1] although the term has been used loosely to describe any unofficial American explorer of the period. Most long hunts started in the Holston River Valley near Chilhowie, Virginia. The hunters came from there and the adjacent valley of the Clinch River, where they were land owners or residents. The parties of two or three men (and rarely more) usually started their hunts in October and ended toward the end of March or early in April."

This is exactly the area where William and Martin Pruitt were living. They easily could have made one of these expeditions and Solomon or his father stuck Daniel Boone in there for good measure. (I think that my sister still believes that our Dad played for the Yankees with Mickey Mantle.)

The line of Samuel Prewitt 1700 - c 1760 came from Prince George and later Frederick Co, MD. Sam died in 1760 and left a will, so William wasn't his son. It's possible that Sam had siblings that we aren't aware of. His son Sam Jr ended up in western Halifax Co which became Pittsylvania Co, VA. Anyway, the area where your Pruitts lived is just down the Shenandoah Valley from Frederick Co, MD and was a huge migratory path.