Kendall Project

Our ultimate research goals are to map and identify all Kendall families to their origins. These include alternate and various spellings: Kendal, Kendel, Kendell, Kendle, Kindal, Kindall, Kindel, Kindell, and Kindle. To accomplish my goals, I need your help. I’d like to invite you to our Kendall Family Association on Facebook. The Kendall Family Association is a volunteer network sharing family stories, pictures and information. Why spend years and expense researching the wrong location or family, perhaps we can share information or make recommendations to help you. You may have personal family records, deeds or bibles to help us. These items need to be saved, shared and archived.

Since some records were lost due to wars, plunder or fire and some researchers have hit a brick wall, we decided to use genetic testing to help supplement my conventional research. We established the Kendall DNA Project. The Kendall DNA Project is a surname specific Y-DNA project hosted by or Family Tree DNA. We have nearly 160 members representing many distinct family clusters. We have clusters connecting to Lancashire, Northampton, Cornwall, Warwickshire, Hampshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk, England; also Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We’ve received interest from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Bermuda.

To participate in the Y-DNA portion, you must be male and bear the Kendall surname (or variant). Ladies and “non-Kendall” men are extremely valuable to our project. They do not carry Kendall Y-DNA, but they can locate a male Kendall relative to test on their behalf or test their own autosomal DNA. This Family Finder looks across gender lines to connect relatives descended from any of their ancestral lines within the last 5-8 generations.

Preliminary DNA findings support there were at least three early Virginia families and none share a common patriarch with the Massachusetts Kendall family. We have learned there were at least three separate Maryland families and others from Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia and Pennsylvania with many of these migrated across North America..

Our project strives to work with our members to find their common ancestry through sharing of information and genetic testing. Please consider becoming part of our project and help us leave a family legacy for future generations. Thank you.

Scott D. Kendall