Our Family Connections

Hi! My name is Bill Saunders Curry and I put this site together for the family. It is FREE for all my family and extended family. I started doing Genealogy back in 1985 and a few years ago I saw the necessity for a family website. We have several family members that have posted their personal family trees from Ancestry, and well over a hundred relatives that use the site. If you are related, you are welcome.

My fathers lineage is the Sanders/Saunders lineage and includes many sur names along the way. Just to name a few: Sanders, Saunders, Morgan, Coffin, Corbert, Gilbert, Lewis, Fields, Jones, Smith, Mansfield, Springfield, McKenzie, Maness, McNeil, VanLandingham, James, etc...

My mothers lineage is the Larr and Eldridge and include many sur names as well. Again to name a few: Larr, Laugher, Eldred, Eldridge, McGinnis, Rupp, Betts, Ingersol, Miller, Ramsey, Churchett, Townsend, Weatherby, Wood, Haffner, Sanford, Steelman, Etc...

There are about 27,000 people in the family tree itself and goes back to 950 depending on which branch of thee family. We have 20 videos, over 6,000 pictures in the tree and another 3,000 on the main website. The last time I looked at the tree overview on our family tree (Called"Main Family 9") we have over 32,000 documents, and over 570 stories attached to individuals. On the main website, we have a section for Genealogy Training for those looking to do a little research of their own.

If you are interested in visiting the family website,click on the request to join at the top and share a little bit about yourself. This is for the members section of the site and acts like a family address book. It is not mandatory that you answer all the questions (not that there are that many), but you will need the minimum of Name and email. Remember that this is a privatized site and only family see your information.

Next, drop me an email. Let me know that you just requested to join the site and how you may be related.
It is also great to email me just to see if we are related. If you are seeing this message from a facebook link, then you probably are related.

Looking forward to meeting you cousin!

Bill Saunders Curry

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